Chapter Fifteen (1)
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Tom wakes up and for a moment doesn’t know where he is. He looks around the hotel room bewildered, and frozen, letting his mind adjust to the new surroundings.  Slowly the information filters through.  He’s in some weird town in New Mexico, in a Four Seasons, and Beth is in a hospital. Tom pushes the sheets away from his body, and gets out of bed completely naked. He walks to the window and carefully looks through the shades. It’s dark.

He curses himself for oversleeping. His guilt mixes in with his anger, touching briefly on that rage that he keeps locked away so well.

He moves quickly, grabbing at underwear, a shirt and a pair of pants from his suitcase. He passes a mirror, catches a reflection of himself. His lean but muscled forearms covered in tattoos.

“So wha...

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