Chapter 11 (1)
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I float in the dark, but it is not peaceful. Pain and despair surround me, fear beats in my chest. How long have I been here? How long must I remain? A voice calls in the distance. The dark around me twitches, viscous like water in the womb. The voice calls again.

I open my eyes and don’t know where I am for a moment. The room is pitch black, but it’s not the darkness from which I had escaped. Slowly, I remember the new bedroom, I recognize the canopy above me, the green curtains pulled around the bed. Beth must have woken me. I notice the curtains on the windows were still drawn. It’s unlike her to not yank every curtain open, or open every window when she wakes everyone up. But maybe this is part of the promise she made me last night, that she would give me more spac...

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