Chapter Three (1)
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It’s been three days since I’ve left my apartment. I woke up this morning, sleeping face down on the bathroom floor. My head feels as if it’s about to split open. I crawl towards the door and raise myself up to turn the knob. I don’t trust my judgment, I don’t trust myself to leave the house. Why didn’t I scream? Why was I standing out there in the middle of the road? I step out into the kitchen, holding on to the wall for support.  I limp towards the refrigerator. I reach in for the juice carton, and drink it straight. The juice runs down my chin, into my breasts.

The refrigerator, and pantry are practically empty. Even though the thought of leaving the house fills me with panic, my stomach is twisting with hunger. I had managed to live off of what was...

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Table of Contents

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