Arvan and the Transformations Exam
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Arvan tried not to complain too much when he settled at the table at seven thirty the next morning. They hadn’t finished eating until ten and Eden had gone to bed first. Even so, Arvan couldn’t stop seeing her slip and fall into the stream. It had happened so quickly he hadn’t even had time to react.

How both Sig and Silvia had leaped forward to grab her then pause because they were too afraid to hurt her stunned him. Seconds after Eden fell into the water Sig had jumped into it and followed Harmonia’s leash to grab Eden out of the water. The stream had been moving quickly and Arvan tried not to linger long on how Sig had to take two huge steps from the rocks as Harmonia yowled in panic as she was dragged away with her owner.

The poor cat had barely kept her head...

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