Sig and the Morning After
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The problem with Wish-Granters was the food never filled you up like regular food. Sig ran a hand over his face and hoped someone had thought to buy real food to stock their cupboards with. He was famished and didn’t feel like getting completely dressed so he could go for breakfast on the Food or Shopping Floor.

Sig pulled up his black track pants and made sure his gray tee-shirt wasn’t hanging funny before opening the door. Sig paused on the threshold of the kitchen and couldn’t help but stare at the scene.

Bane stood at the stove wearing black pyjama pants that hung so low Sig could almost see the start of Bane’s ass. The thick dark hair hadn’t even been brushed yet and stood up at odds around Bane’s head but the Grimgold didn’t seem to mind. Bane humme...

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