Arvan and the Familiar
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There was a clatter from downstairs and Arvan sighed. The maid had probably dropped her broom again because she wasn’t concentrating on her levitation spell. Arvan closed his book of spells and strode out of his room. He looked over the banister separating the second floor from the first and sure enough, the maid was trying to catch her wildly levitating broom.

Arvan rolled his eyes but decided to watch the show. It was only when the maid was almost full out crying that the broom skidded to a stop in mid-air then fell into her hands. The maid let out a breath then froze. She looked up, sputtered out an apology then walked swiftly out of the front foyer. Arvan shook his head.

Why non-Mages were allowed to breed with Mages was always a mystery to him. Half-breeds weren’t powerful Mages and...

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Table of Contents

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