Sig and the Defensive Manoeuvre
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Saturday mornings were always great. Sig got up before the sun rose, got dressed, ate a quick breakfast of toast, eggs, a few bananas, and cereal then headed down to meet with Tog, Dogam, and Baras. The workout always woke him up and today was no different.

He did notice there were more Warriors in the gym then normal but didn’t let it bother him. Brinley worked everyone hard and Warriors liked being able to show off when they could. He didn’t see Silvia in the Sports Floor which struck him as strange but had an idea she preferred training on her own or with a single person.

He also had a feeling she wanted him to ask her out. She liked sitting near him and would also swat him and laugh really hard when he managed to make a joke. She also smiled at him a lot and he spotted...

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Table of Contents

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