Eden and the Other Girls
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It had taken them two weeks to fall into a sort of routine with their new schedules. Essays had become a huge part of their lives again and there would be no room for any kind of social life if they wanted to finish all the work assigned to them through the week. Eden knew why Avalora roomed people in groups of six.

Arvan, Bane, Sig, Ivy, and Dawn were the only people she could talk to in the school on a consistent basis. Arvan texted Salem and talked to him before class while Sig hung out with Tog, Dogam, and Baras during Melee Basics. She felt weird having no other friends but decided it didn’t matter.

Today was Friday, the third one of their new term, and she planned to spend tomorrow finishing all the essays assigned to them and due at the beginning of the week while Sunday she...

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