Eden and the Meeting
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Eden blinked awake and couldn’t think of why she had woken up. Her head felt foggy and she lay on her side with one hand under the pillow and the other flung towards the edge of the bed. Her legs were stretched out and she had kind of flopped over onto her stomach. She felt warmth on the back of her head, the pressure of Harmonia breathing against the back of her skull.

Her phone dinged and Eden rubbed grit from her eyes. She grabbed her phone in her hand and flicked it awake. A text had come through which had been what woke her up at quarter to five in the morning. She would have slept an extra fifteen minutes because of last night’s Dark Magic class and Eden hated being forced awake.

She did see the text had come from Faylen. Her cousin wanted to meet for six in the lob...

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Table of Contents

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