Ivy and the Relief
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Ivy tried not to nibble on her lip too hard. The bag she carried in her hands prevented her from wearing down the hem of her shirt but she wore down the handles of the burlap bag instead. Dawn said nothing and kept staring straight ahead while Silvia kept shifting from foot to foot. They were heading to the Healing Floor to see Ester.

Ivy didn’t have any problems with bring Ester some healthy home cooked food to eat but she always ended up bringing it back up to the room since Ester hadn’t come out of the coma yet. Ivy also didn’t have an issue feeding Morticia or helping to brush out Ester’s hair. She didn’t mind bathing Morticia in the tub Ivy brought while whatever girls had come with her helped wipe down Ester.

The white Healing Floor gown looked strange on Es...

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Table of Contents

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