Arvan and the Warning
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The sun glowed over-brightly in the startlingly blue sky above his head. Arvan felt his eyes watering and the sting from it being so stupid bright out. The buzz of conversation came from all around and Arvan felt his head turning against his will to look to his left.

Directly beside him trotted Havoc. His wolf’s blue eyes were blazing blue in the excessive light. Bredon’s golden fur shimmered in the sunlight like an amber-gold flame. Salem’s pale skin looked even whiter while his auburn hair looked like fire atop his head. Sounds came from his right and Arvan looked to Sig.

Sig’s naturally tanned skin glowed in the sun but his white shirt made tears roll down Arvan’s cheeks. Arvan heard noise from behind and glanced back. Ester’s blond hair contrasted against her all...

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Table of Contents

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