Bane and the Jerk
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Bane watched his mom go off to her “Raising a Mage” support group with a grin on his face. The women met every Sunday morning at ten which Arvan had found out Wednesday. They had approached mom yesterday after she got back with Eden and Bane couldn’t help being happy.

The five women live a few blocks away, scattered, but all of their kids had tested high for becoming potential Mages. They wanted all the support they could get from someone who knew what she was doing with a Mage kid.

“All right, let’s go,” Eden said.

“Huh?” Bane asked.

Arvan snorted from the couch but was on his feet. Bane blinked as Eden wrapped an arm through his and started trying to drag him out the door as mom’s car went down the street. Bane didn’t move too m...

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