Arvan and the Kid
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Arvan tugged on his running shoes before going out the back door with Havoc. He watched Havoc bound through the back lawn and starting to run a circuit of the lawn. Arvan shook his head as Havoc rolled into the grass and began waving his paws in the air. Bane wouldn’t be awake for another hour or more but Arvan didn’t want to stay stuck alone in the house.

Allison had gone off to work two hours ago and Havoc had woken Arvan up ten minutes ago. Arvan liked having the guest room to sleep in. He would give it up by Saturday but he didn’t mind. He would get an entire week of having a room to himself.

Arvan watched Havoc get up and finally do his business. Arvan cleaned up the gift and tossed it into the outside garbage before going back inside to wash his hands. He left Havoc...

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Table of Contents

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