Eden and the Silence
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Eden sipped her tea alone at the kitchen table. In half an hour, Allison would be here and start on breakfast while she let Arvan and Bane sleep in until eight. Eden would help with breakfast where she could then help drag Bane out of bed so he and Arvan could allow Allison to leave at a half decent time.

Ivy’s parents would be here at nine which would be about the time they finally got Bane out the door. Keat wouldn’t be here until ten to pick up Dawn and Sig then Eden would be alone until Saturday morning at eight when Allison came to pick her up. Eden had been invited to spend time at the Furor home but knew it would include doing chores.

Eden didn’t mind waking up early but she wasn’t about to spend her second week of break getting up before five to go do cho...

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