Dawn and the Furor Family
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Dawn watched with a grin on her face when they landed Saturday afternoon in front of the Furor house. Keat had come pick them up in the old truck as normal but sitting in the driveway was a truck as huge and shining bright red in the afternoon light. It had shiny silver rims, chrome decaling, and even a massive grill at the front all in silver. Not a speck of dirt or rust covered it and Dawn couldn’t help being impressed.

“Nice truck,” Sig said.

“Thanks,” Keat said.

“So this one’s mine now?” Sig questioned.

Dawn laughed when Keat huffed then punched Sig in the arm. Keat had a smile on his face as Sig grinned.

“Ya ruined da surprise,” Keat said.

“You should’ve parked it ‘round back,” Sig mentioned.


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Table of Contents

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