Sig and the Exam Worries
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Sig glanced up when two chairs moved away from the desk of their massive Magical History hall. Bane and Selina were getting up and walking down the stairs together to hand in their exams to Professor Harte who had glanced up.

Professor Harte had raised an eyebrow but it went back to neutral position as he grinned. Bane didn’t bother covering the clunks his booted feet made as he headed down but Selina had a flush on her cheeks as her shoes clicked against the stairs as she made her way down behind Bane.

Sig saw a few other people looking up and scowling. Sig knew why. It was half passed eleven which mean both Selina and Bane had finished a four hour exam in less than half the allotted time. Sig hadn’t known until this term Selina had perfect in this class, like Bane.


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Table of Contents

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