Bane and the Exam Problem
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Bane blinked at the empty kitchen then looked to the clock. Ten minutes to nine which meant his friends were in the exam room for their driving test. Eden and Sig would have to finish the quickest so they could make the practical test by eleven. Even so, he had the room to himself until ten-thirty at the earliest.

He didn’t even have to cook because his friends had left him and Scarlet a plate of food at their spot. Bane took his seat and began eating in the silence. Scarlet hummed at him but started shoving food into her face. Bane tapped his fork against his plate before scratching his stomach. He had been scratching the same spot for a few minutes and let out a breath.

Botching his exams would be difficult. He could do a levitations practical by flinging his metal tea pot around, f...

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Table of Contents

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