Arvan and the Little Sister
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Arvan read the article on his computer with a grin on his face. Denzel had written the proper article sometime Thursday night, sent it to Bane and Eden for approval, and it had made front page of the Entertainment Journal on Friday. The first paragraph was a lengthy apology to Eden and Bane for assuming their relationship was anything but platonic.

Denzel had even gone so far as to chastise himself for seeing what hadn’t been there. Then he went on for a few paragraphs about how Bane actually dated Selina Moonfall and talked about how the Moonfall family made the best Mage Journals. Somehow he had dug up an older picture of Selina of when she was around thirteen and used a picture Pharos had taken of Bane on the third to combine the two with a heart in the middle.

Denzel talked abo...

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