Ivy and the Sleep-over
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Ivy let out a breath as she rolled out the last sleeping bag. She had spent the past few days moving furniture against the wall in the basement as well as cleaning the hardwood floors, dusting everything, and finding all the sleeping bags and bedding she could. Bane or Arvan would use Derrick’s sleeping bag while the other used dad’s. Ivy would use her own. Dawn would use mom’s and Eden would use either Sam or Joe’s. Sig couldn’t fit into anyone’s so Ivy had stacked a bunch of pillows and blankets to make a mock mattress.

The basement was big but with all six of them sharing it the room was made tiny. Mom had all ready decided to have a barbeque tonight since it meant they could eat on the back porch. Everyone would be arriving sometime around 10AM and be picked up...

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Table of Contents

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