Dawn and the Visitors
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They had to rent a van again. Dawn didn’t mind so much especially when mom set it to hover and they were flying towards Sig’s place. Arvan, Eden, Bane, and Sig would be visiting until the 15th then mom would drop them off at Ivy’s on the 16th. Mom would then come back on the 18th, drop off Dawn at home, then Sig, then Bane, and finally Arvan and Eden at the Dorms. It would be a long day but mom didn’t mind. Plus she was the only one who could rent a van big enough for all of them and knew how to get everywhere.

Sig’s dad was going to give mom a roast chicken and some beef in thanks. Ivy’s mom offered to help her with any legal work mom needed when it came to getting insurance on the house or car. Bane’s mom told Dawn’s mom to come over anytime to ch...

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Table of Contents

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