Sig and the Former High Class Mages
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Sig grinned as he ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, glad to have printed out the essay he owed Headmaster Zolneus last night. Hav and Serf were arguing about the massive pancake on the plate on the table while dad read his morning paper. Sig grabbed the plate and his little brothers turned on him with groans of dismay.

“I’m taller,” Sig said.

“You’ll always be taller,” Hav told him.

“I can also kick your butt,” Sig said.

“I’ll kick your butt one day,” Serf said.

“Bring it,” Sig challenged.

Serf tried to tackle him but Sig put out a hand and pushed his youngest brother back by his skull. Serf fell backwards onto his ass and huffed. Hav laughed at Serf who got up and punched Hav...

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Table of Contents

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