Bane and the Company
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Someone was moving around in his room. Bane opened his eyes and stared at the person who wasn’t Sig. Mom grinned at him and Bane blinked up at her wondering if he should be embarrassed his mom was seeing him naked. Nah. She’d changed his diapers after all. Then again fifteen years had passed since then. It was too damned early to think.

“Why didn’t Sig wake me up?” Bane asked.

Bane had been looking forward to teasing Sig one last time before they all took off. Sig’s dad wasn’t supposed to be coming until noon. Dawn and Ivy would be gone by ten. Of course mom had to be here at, Bane looked at his clock.

“It’s eight, the Hell?” Bane questioned.

He had to be dreaming. Mom swatted his foot and Bane felt pain. Not a d...

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Table of Contents

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