Arvan and the Final Practical Exams
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Arvan shoved another shirt into his luggage and sighed. He didn’t want to pack after taking two exams so he had gotten up early so he could pack before exams started. Since they would be coming back to this room, Arvan would leave all his school books behind. The only book he would take was the Wolf Care book and maybe a journal or something to write in for fun. Maybe.

Arvan packed a second dress shirt and pair of pants in his luggage bag. He had no idea what his friends planned to do over the next two weeks so had a bit of everything in his bag. Dress clothes, casual clothes, lounging around clothes, and even his swimsuit and beachwear since Eden was insisting they would go to the beach. Arvan grinned. They would be going to a beach either tomorrow or the day after.

There would be marg...

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