Eden and the Memories
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Eden looked out the window of the hover van as the Dorms came into view. Arvan was in the middle with Havoc. Bane, Dawn, and Sig had all ready been dropped off. It was a few minutes after four and Eden was glad tomorrow was Sunday. Everyone would be returning tomorrow either in the morning or in the afternoon. Tomorrow they would also get their schedules and exam results to see how much they would have to work to keep Sig in the room.

“Well, here we are,” Marissa said.

She landed the van perfectly in front of the Dorms. The last time Eden had been dropped off in front of the Dorms she had been coming out of a hover limo and had the last name of Raynhart. A servant had opened the door for her. This time she stepped out of a hover van that no one opened the door of for her and...

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