Sig and the Written Exams 2
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Sleep had not come easy and he hadn’t stayed asleep for longer than half an hour at a time. Sig sighed heavily as he got out of bed at 5:02AM. In five hours he would be two minutes into the Magical History exam. Sig ran a hand through his hair and shifted into a push-up position. He decided to start with his right arm today and began. Sig swapped to his left arm then back to his right as he kept going.

He had heard his phone go off sometime during his meeting with Headmaster Zolneus and checked it on the walk back to the room. Tog had asked him why he punched a second year and Sig had ignored the message. Then Baras and Dogam asked the same question. Tog had tried to call but Sig let it go to voice mail. Today he would leave his phone in his room.

All he had to do was get...

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