Ivy and the Magical Cores
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Ivy let out a breath and bit her lip. The Elemental Exam hadn’t been bad. She had made a stone form on top of Professor Forrest’s stone quickly enough and finished the exam early to have some time to relax before Magical Cores. The room had been too quiet when she entered even though Bane, Dawn, and Arvan had been in it.

They waited until Sig got back before revealing why Scarlet wasn’t lying on Bane’s stomach. Ivy didn’t think it was fair to punish Scarlet for defending in a fight she didn’t want to fight or participate in. She didn’t want to believe Scarlet would play the victim like Bane implied. She also didn’t want to believe Scarlet would be capable of ripping Shadow to shreds. It would mean she would have to know Scarlet was capable of tearing...

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Table of Contents

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