Dawn and the Elements Exam
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Dawn rubbed her tired eyes and was glad she had gotten to bed by 9PM last night. They had to leave the room for 8:30 to get to the Elements exam by 9AM. It was a few minutes after 7AM and she was brushing out her damp hair so she could braid it back. Freya watched her from the closed toilet lid and Dawn smirked at her cat.

The story of Scarlet’s nightmarish behavior had been told to them by Arvan and Eden. Bane had nodded when asked if it was true and Dawn couldn’t believe how horrible the little dragon was. Freya could be mean but at least she didn’t tangle herself in people’s hair then pee on them. The funniest part was Scarlet acted completely justified in her actions. Dawn was glad she wasn’t a Creature Mage and would therefore never have to deal with a mini dragon...

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Table of Contents

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