Eden and the Light Magic Exam
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Eden was glad she had made a few jars of Perking Potion their last day in Light Magic. She got to bed before 2AM but Ivy, Dawn, Arvan, and Sig hadn’t returned to the room until after 2AM. They all showed it once Eden looked at them the next morning. Even Bane looked well-rested compared to the others and he likely stayed awake for half an hour before drifting off.

“I’ll get my scale and Perking Potion,” Eden said.

“Thank you,” Arvan told her.

Eden snorted and came back with what she needed. She dosed them all except Bane who cooked at the stove. Within five minutes everyone looked awake and Eden grinned.

“Arvan, when you go to drop off Havoc, let me know cuz I’ll have to bring Scarlet,” Bane said.

“Oh, okay,” Arvan s...

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Table of Contents

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