Bane and the Dark Arts Exam
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Voices muttered outside the room and Bane sighed. He figured he should get up but he didn’t want to leave the warmth of his bed. Besides, they didn’t have a class to go to and damn it he was going to stay in bed until noon at least once before leaving the school for two weeks.

“Sig, we’ve gone over this and you wrote it down,” Arvan was saying.

Arvan was speaking too damned loud. He kept speaking loudly as he went over the differences between the potential potions again. Sig had forgotten. Again.

Bane didn’t blame the Warrior, not really. Sig was nervous and Arvan yelling at him didn’t help. Arvan yelling didn’t help Bane with his sleeping in until noon idea either. Bane opened an eye and sighed. It was hardly 10:30. The Dark Arts e...

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