Sig and the Favor
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Sig let out a breath as he forced his body upwards into the next push-up. He had lost count somewhere along the line of what number he was on but it didn’t matter. He swapped hands every other push up and did the exercise with one hand no matter what. Sig did pause to look at his clock and saw it was 6:13AM. Today was Ivy’s birthday. Today also marked the half-way point of the last week before exams. Sig sighed.

He got to his feet and strode into his bathroom, pulling off his boxer shorts as he went. Moments later he was in the cool water of his shower and he bathed quickly. Sig brushed his teeth in the shower and made it out within ten minutes. He dried off as he walked back into his room to pull on fresh underwear, jeans, and a tee shirt. He was out of his room by 6:27 and movin...

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Table of Contents

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