Arvan and the Levitation Problem
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Arvan scowled when he hit the ceiling in Levitations yet again. Havoc looked up at him from his position on the floor and Arvan was glad Bane had taken over holding onto Havoc while they were in Levitations. Arvan let out a breath and tried to concentrate to lower his body as he did in every class.

In Centering Objects they had gotten a review booklet to fill out that spanned across fifteen pages. It had been the smallest book so far and they had been informed there was no practical for this class. It would be a four hour written exam but Arvan wasn’t worried.

For their second class on this lovely Tuesday before exams they had been given another small review booklet and told they could either work on filing it out or practice Levitating. Arvan had chosen to practice Levitating. At least Sig...

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