Ivy and the Final Week
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Ivy sighed and stared at her alarm clock. It was 6:42AM and she had to get out of bed to start getting ready for their Magical History class in less than two hours. She was exhausted and didn’t want to move. She had been up at this time both Saturday and Sunday to work four hours on the Book Floor and had been up at 5:30AM last Thursday so she could work from 7AM to 9PM to make up the ten hours for last week. She would have to do the same again this week if she wanted to make the hundred dollars.

She smelled peppers and knew Bane was making omelets. Ivy yawned and rolled out of bed to stumble into her bathroom. She showered as quickly as possible and braided back her damp hair before dressing in jean shorts and a purple tee-shirt. Ivy pushed her feet into purple flip flops and changed out t...

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Table of Contents

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