Bane and the Lack of Elements
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He was flying on Scarlet through big puffy white clouds made of marshmallows with Ivy sitting behind him. Her arms were wrapped around his waist and Bane grinned at her happy giggles as Scarlet carried them over the beautiful green pastures below. Bane came crashing down from his dream. Literally.

Bane groaned and opened his eyes to see Sig standing above him with a grin on his face. Bane rubbed his tired eyes and let out a long breath. Fridays were not supposed to suck so much but getting up at 6:30 in the morning would always blow. It sucked more when a warrior easily double your weight tugged you feet first out of bed and let you land on your bare ass on the floor.

“You okay?” Sig questioned.

“I’m fine,” Bane muttered. “You certainly like giving my ass a p...

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Table of Contents

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