Arvan and the Growing Pup
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There was a weight on his chest cutting off his air supply. Arvan grunted and pushed at the weight so it would allow him to breath. A growl sounded through the air but stopped after a moment, ending with a whine. Arvan blinked awake and looked down to see Havoc flop onto the bed beside him.

Arvan took a large breath and stared at his wolf pup. No, not a pup anymore. Arvan hadn’t realized Havoc was almost fully grown now. Havoc had been getting heavier the past few weeks and some days ran beside Arvan instead of Arvan having to carry him. There were times Havoc didn’t want to go back to the Dorm but Arvan had been so used to running Havoc to the Dorm to sleep he kept at it.

Havoc had been born near the end of October of last year. It meant he was now seven months old and...

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Table of Contents

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