Dawn and the Dark Arts
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The day had started out decently enough. Sure, she had to be up for 6:30 so they could make it to their 8AM Levitation class but this had become normal for a Wednesday morning. Bane had made cinnamon pancakes for breakfast and the weather had been perfect since it was May 11th.

Levitation class hadn’t been bad either. She managed to get to a height of three and a half feet and hover between the floor and the new height at will. The five hour spare allowed them to work on the Levitation essay and put any finishing touches on their Light Magic essay.

In Light Magic they had to learn how to sew a laceration. Dawn didn’t know why everyone had to know it but figured if all vocations knew the basics then Light Mages would be able to deal with tougher problems. Eden’s words came b...

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Table of Contents

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