Ivy and the Village
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Ivy glanced back once when they left Bane for the second time. Sig had taken up a position right beside Bane’s violin case with a hand on the bag Eden had bought and one on his dagger. No one would be stupid enough to attack the massive teen. At least, Ivy hoped no one would be stupid enough. She knew both Reila and Scarlet would dive towards any kind of would-be thief. Bane wasn’t trained enough to do any attack Dark Magic but he wouldn’t stand by.

“Do you know where you’re going?” Dawn asked.

“Nope, but most Mage Villages are laid out pretty much the same,” Eden replied. “This is specialty shops and cafes. If we walk over the bridge we’ll get to the business sector. Keep walking through there and we’ll get to all the high end boutiqu...

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Table of Contents

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