Sig and the Music
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Music burst from Bane’s violin as Sig watched stunned from the tiny metal seat of the cafe. Bane hadn’t been planning on selling the violin. He’d been planning to play it in hopes of getting coinage from the passerby. If Sig had been more awake he might have figured it out sooner and told Arvan Bane would never sell the instrument.

Sig could do nothing but stare as Bane’s plan began to work. The few Mages who had paused strode closer to him with eyes wide and lips parted. Others began to gather and within moments Bane had an audience of a dozen. Bane didn’t notice. He kept playing and Sig watched as the Mages stared at Bane.

Sig wouldn’t be able to form a coherent thought if someone threatened his life. Bane moved slowly back and forth as he played, music...

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Table of Contents

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