Bane and the Lack of Gold
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It had been one hell of a week and Bane was glad it was Saturday, May 7th. They had an essay due in every class, each one over 2000 words in length. Magical History’s was 4000 words on the battle between two merfolk clans. Professor Moorewood wanted a 2500 word essay about the effects of a certain berry and what it could be used for. Professor Forrest wanted a 1000 word essay on the uses of Ice Magic. Professor Wyreworm wanted a 4500 word essay six different deadly potions, their effects, and what the potential antidote could be. Those were due Monday.

Bane wasn’t even counting the 3000 word essay on the effects of improper Summoning, the 2500 word essay on how one would feasibly use levitation to build a structure, the 3000 word essay on solar flares and their effects, and the 4000 word essa...

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