Dawn and the Professor
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This Sunday would be their last lazy day before exam month started tomorrow. Exams would begin on May 30 and run till June 4. She had no idea how they were going to fit eight courses into five days but they would find out once they got their exam schedule. Dawn opened her eyes and rolled over in bed to look at her clock.

It was a few minutes after 9AM and she figured she should get out of bed. Sig would be three hours into a six hour work-out with the other Warriors. Bane would sleep for at least another hour. Arvan, Eden, and Ivy would probably either be lying in bed like her or in the common area reading ahead.

Freya meowed at her from the pillow beside her head and Dawn looked at her cat. She grinned when Freya pawed her face and Dawn knew the cat was hungry. Dawn sighed as she...

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