Ivy and the Familiar
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The warmer weather normally made her happy but Ivy wasn’t feeling it as much this year. She knew the reason and wished it wasn’t something as stupid as jealousy. As the weather warmed the other students were able to bring out their familiars. It had started with birds. Now there were lizards, rats, other dogs, more cats, and some Mages even carried a bowl with a fish in it. Everywhere she looked someone had a familiar and Ivy felt everyone looking at her.

The whispers had started up but weren’t coming from Bane’s magic. People weren’t talking so much about her and Bane dating but they had moved on as to why a Creature Mage didn’t have a familiar.

“It’s almost the end of first term, why doesn’t she have a Familiar?”

“Maybe the Griffonhea...

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Table of Contents

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