Eden and the New Friends
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She pushed hair out of her face and grinned. Eden re-balanced herself on the chair as she scrubbed the top of the fridge. She had been right about Sig getting queasy about cleaning up Reila’s mess. He had tried last Wednesday, the 18th and failed miserably. Bane had chuckled at him and gotten on a chair to do it.

Bane was lazy though and often time neglected to put the effort into cleaning the dried blood and guts Reila left from her various catches. Ivy had tried to do it last weekend but failed horribly. Dawn didn’t even attempt. Arvan had taken one look at the top of the fridge, paled, and gotten off the chair. Eden had gotten on next and started cleaning like it was nothing. Bane had laughed.

It was too bad she was so damned short. This would’ve been easier if she wa...

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