Arvan and the Summoning Class
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Arvan covered his yawn with one hand as they waited in line for food. He was starving thanks to their Levitation class ending a few minutes ago. Next up was Astronomy then a one hour break and finally a practical Summoning class. Tuesdays sucked.

He still wasn’t able to control his height in Levitation. He would float all the way up to the ceiling enough to lay on it and look down at everyone. No matter what he did he couldn’t bring himself down or stop half-way up. Every class Sig had to grab his ankle and pull him down, sometimes needing to stand on a desk or chair because Arvan couldn’t even get a leg down far enough for Sig to grab. Eden had been amazed to see it today. Eden had also floated up a foot and gotten stuck at that height, similar in situation to Ivy.


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Table of Contents

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