Sig and the Warrior's Way
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Sig exhaled as he placed the barbell back into its holders so Dogam could switch with him. Sig stood above Dogam’s head as the other Warrior got ready to begin his set. Sig heard Tog make a sound on the bench beside them and looked over.

Tog had sat up but he and Baras weren’t switching as they should be. They were both looking straight ahead at a different machine and Sig understood why a moment later. One of the female Warriors was using the inner thigh machine and wearing shorts so tiny it looked like she had nothing on below the waist.

“You guys come here to enjoy the view or work out?” Dogam said as he kept lifting.

Tog snorted and got off the bench. Baras smirked and took over. Tog’s eyes stayed on the female Warrior as she used the inner thigh machine. Sig...

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