Ivy and the Questions
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Ivy washed her hands quickly and flicked some of the extra water off in the sink. She didn’t move from the sink right away and looked at her face in the mirror. There were other girls around her, fixing their make-up, hair or outfits before leaving the restroom on the main floor of the school. Ivy ran her damp fingers over her eyebrows and tidied some of the stray bits of hair falling across her forehead.

Normally she didn’t care so much about her appearance but now she was fake dating Bane. She had to look like she cared or the other girls might get suspicious. Then again, Bane hadn’t cared when she looked as she had without primping. They weren’t really dating though. Ivy bit the inside of her lip and went to the hand dryer.

Besides the hand driers actually getting a pe...

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Table of Contents

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