Dawn and the Explosion
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Dawn felt too full as they walked from their Room to Basic Elements. She probably shouldn’t have had the second helping of cheese stuffed chicken breast but they were about to go into a practical lesson. She needed the extra fuel. Besides, Bane had made more than enough and no one minded when Reila swooped down from the ceiling and snagged a chicken breast between her claws.

Getting used to Reila would take more than eleven days. The eagle was massive and when she flapped her wings she could make whirlwinds out of their notes and assignments. Thankfully she didn’t flap her wings as often as Scarlet. Dawn didn’t like the way Reila eyed Havoc and Freya. The eagle would be entirely capable of carting off either in her claws.

As they walked, Reila flew above and ahead of them. The ch...

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