Arvan and the Boxes
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It wasn’t unusual for him to be up before anyone else, especially their Dark Mage. Arvan stepped out of his room and into the Common Room at 7:31AM. Havoc trailed behind him, tongue lolling out of his head as he headed towards his food bowl. Arvan gave pause half-way across the sitting area and stared.

In front of Eden’s door were a pile of boxes. They had been stacked neatly against the wall and Arvan frowned. He had heard no one come in through the night or this morning. Havoc hadn’t barked or alerted him to any kind of intruder and Arvan felt disturbed someone could sneak into the Avalora Dorms, into the Room, and drop off the rest of Eden’s belongings without sounding some kind of alarm.

Havoc was sniffing the boxes. Arvan sighed and ran a hand over his n...

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Table of Contents

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