Sig and the Admirer
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Sig couldn’t help but sigh as he led the group to the cafeteria. Astronomy class was coming up in less than an hour and they would have to present their dioramas. Bane had helped Sig with his but even with Bane’s help; Sig didn’t think his diorama would score high. At least they had presented their board game yesterday and received a great mark. It meant during their Magical History class on Thursday they could relax while others presented.

“I strongly dislike Tuesdays,” Bane said.

They were waiting in one of the massive lines in the cafeteria for food. Sig agreed with Bane’s words and not because Bane had been the one to say them. Tuesdays were the days with two hour long spares, the days it was difficult to run back to the Dorms to eat and think about making it...

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