Arvan and the News Article
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Arvan felt Havoc’s wet nose push against him and shifted away. He wrapped his arm around his wolf’s shoulders and absently patted Havoc’s chest as he looked at the computer screen in front of him. Arvan knew he could be sleeping still since it was six-thirty in the morning on a Tuesday. He hadn’t been able to sleep well since the third.

Denzel Phoenixscribe had tried to interview Eden since her little brother had been born. Arvan didn’t want to be blind-sided like Eden so he was up early, computer on, and scouring the web for any information about his former mother’s pregnancy. He tried not to stare at the extra pinkie finger on his right hand which marked him as a Tempest and let out a breath.

He could have surgery to get it removed. It would be odd since h...

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