Ivy and the Break Up
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Ivy bit her lip and played with the hem of her tee-shirt. She should be working on the Book Floor while Lyo read and Dawn with Ester worked on their elements in the middle of the aisle. She had stayed long enough to tell Lyo she was heading out early today and now stood in the elevator with Ester and Dawn.

Ivy tried not to think about the way Lyo’s shoulders had sagged more and his frown had gotten deeper. He had been disappointed in her leaving at nine in the morning when they normally had three hours to hang out. She had to go. Cedonia hadn’t left her a choice.

There had been no response from Cedonia and Ivy had to know where they stood and if she could fix this somehow. She had given Cedonia a lot of time to recover, to think, and a lot of space but exams were com...

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