Eden and the Little Brother
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Third term had started to wind down and Eden couldn’t believe how much had happened. She could summon the bowling ball to her now which meant she would pass the practical for summoning. Bane had begun to create a hide-away area in space. Dawn was making sand like it didn’t take much. Ivy kept up her friendship with Lyo Van Helgrove while Sig dated Toby and Selina dated Bane.

They had learned how to make over forty potions in both Light and Dark Magic. They had learned about thirty-two different worlds in Astronomy and all of the secondary elements in Elemental Basics. She had learned how to drive with everyone except Bane and Selina and knew how to disrupt a Mage’s magical core as well as expanded hers.

Ivy could make rock walls to defend against attacks and Eden could now make...

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Table of Contents

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